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About - Our Team


Lee & Steve Jones have over 40 years of experience in the garden and landscaping industry. They know that providing exceptional service along with high quality horticultural products and a knowledgeable staff is the key to successful gardening and satisfied customers.

Retail Manager

Tiffany Angiolillo, Retail Garden Center Manager, has been with Mettowee for 11 years. She enjoys working with people and takes pride in knowing and helping people with their garden needs.

Garden Maintenance Department

The garden maintenance crews, managed by Donna Andersen, is on the road from early spring to late fall. Working with property owners, they will customize a schedule for openning, organizing and maintaining customer's gardens throughout the year. 

Annuals Department

Darren Godette has been growing annuals for Mettowee Mill Garden Center for over 16 years. He is always looking for the newest varieties, best sellers and traditional favorites to keep your annual and vegetable gardens and containers in full bloom all season.

Landscape Designer

Anna Johansen, licensed landscape architect, manages landscape and perennial design projects large and small. She received a BS in Landscape Architecture in 2004 from Cornell and has been working in the design field since, joining Mettowee in 2015. She is dedicated to creating beautiful, timeless and engaging landscapes.

Landscape Department

When asked what the favorite part of the job is, Mettowee Landscape Formen, Randy Lewis and Gene Fifield, both say “The pride of seeing a project from concept to the finished landscape". Both Randy and Gene have been working in this business for over 19 years.

Nursery Manager

Jon Cohen has been with Mettowee Mill Garden Center for 11 years.  Jon's passion is horticulture and he has an extensive knowledge on the subject. He and his staff are more than happy to suggest plant material, diagnose problems, and source customer’s requests.

Perennial Department

Michelle Tilander has a lifetime of experience growing plants, vegetables and herbs. For the past 15 years she has been involved with sustainable farming, intercropping, companion planting and farmers markets, Michelle will share her passion and love of plants and perennials to help customers find the right plant for the right place.